Thursday, June 30, 2016

Best App of the School Year Award

As I reflect on the school year 2015-16, I can think of many great things that happened in my classroom. My students and I had so much fun learning and grew together tremendously. And the best part was that my students were able to document their growth on their blog. Easyblog app allowed my 6 & 7 year old students to blog, create an ePortfolio, and share their voice with the world. The parents were seeing their child's learning at real time. So, I am giving this app a best app of the school year award!! 

Easyblog is truly the easiest blogging tool. When I first tried it out last summer, I couldn't be happier to find an app that young students could use independently. Do your students blog? Are you looking for an easy and FREE way to share your students' work with their parents? Well, Easyblog is your solution!

Check out the presentation slide that I created with Terry Stoufer, a second grade (soon to be a third grade teacher) teacher from Florida to learn more about blogging and see some examples of students' posts. Click HERE to visit their website.