Sunday, May 1, 2016

Integrating Coding in Curriculum Areas

My students have been enjoying learning to code using curriculum and apps such as Kodable, the Foos and Scratch Jr. However, my ultimate goals are to integrate coding into curriculum areas to enhance students' learning as well as developing students' computational skills. Here are some plugged and unplugged (no device required) activities we have tried so far.

Math Connections
  • Ten Frame Subitizing (unplugged) --- Earlier this year when I first introduced ten frames, students worked on subitizing. They worked with a partner. One looked at a ten frame number and guided the partner to the corresponding number on a chart using body gesture. K-5 Computer Science Fundamentals

  • Bee-Bot Addition --- Students rolled two dice to add numbers. They programmed the Bee-Bot to land on the answer. Once they were successful they got to take the same number of connecting cubes. The team with most number of cubes won. The students figured out grouping cubes by 5s or 10s made it easy for them to keep track of points. This game can be adapted to practice subtractions or 3 number addition. It can also be done unplugged. Just use stuffed animals and arrows to program.

  • Making 10 Game (unplugged)

  • Dash Math --- For the 120th Day of school, these boys were driving Dash bot and adding all the numbers that Dash passed to get to 120. Clever!

Science Connection
After studying the water cycle in science, we tried coding the cycle using Scratch Jr. (We should have used "loop" for this!)

Language Arts Connections
  • Spelling with Dash --- The students programmed Dash to stop & change color on the letters to spell a mystery word. (ex. bow) 

Connecting with Coding
  • Loop Dance --- During the Hour of Code 2015, we created loop dances and exchanged with Michelle Flicek's (@mflicek1) class. We met via Google Hangout to try out each other's dance:)


  • Mystery location coding with Dash --- Read Jake Lee's (@TeachingJake) blog post HERE.

Creating & Teaching Coding Games

My students created unplugged & plugged games for a kindergarten class. They taught the kinder students how to play the game. Wow! What a great way to incorporate coding & collaboration! My first grade students worked hard to guide the kindergartners. The kindergarten students were very engaged!

Unplugged sight words game --- program a robot using arrows to a given word 
Bee-Bot 3D shape game --- Draw a card, program Bee-Bot to a matching shape
Unplugged Sight Words Matching Game --- Identify a sight word. Program a robot using arrows to the matching word.
Unplugged Beginning Sound Game --- Listen to a given word & identify its beginning letter. Program a robot using arrows to the corresponding letter.

I really enjoy incorporating coding into curriculum areas! Just like many people out there, I'm always trying to think of ways to fit it all in! Coding is not one more thing we teach! We can integrate it into other subject areas throughout the year.

Are you ready to get started? Here are some resources that you may find helpful.