Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where is the Dragon? Coding Fun!

We are in the middle of Twitter book club on "My Father's Dragon." It's great to see many children & teachers enjoying this book. Read about the book club HERE.
One of the amazing teachers in my PLN, Michelle Flicek (@mflicek1) and I started brainstorming about connecting with coding this week. She had an great idea about combining "My Father's Dragon" and coding. She was wondering if we could use the Wild Island map and Dash robot. After a few minutes of conversation, here is what we have come up with.

"Where is the Dragon? Help Elmer find the Dragon!"

Our idea is to pick a location for the dragon to hide on the map, then program Dash = Elmer to get to the Dragon. Students will exchange the codes with another class via Twitter to find out where the dragon is hiding! When you receive the code, place Elmer on "Start" and program the code that was given. It should take him to the dragon. When you figure out the place, you can Tweet the class and ask... "Is the dragon hiding with Rhino?"
Here is how to create the grid & map of Wild Island.
It is a 5x5 grid + starting square. Each square is 7x7 inches
(Thanks Jake Lee @TeachingJake for this idea!)
Once you have the grid, copy this map so that we can place the animals in the same square.
Our plan is to have our students draw the animals as we read the story this week. So coding fun will begin after we finish the first book.

If you don't have Dash, don't worry! Try unplugged programming! You can use arrow cards such as below to navigate Elmer to the dragon! 
Click HERE to print out arrows.