Sunday, February 28, 2016

"My Father's Dragon" Book Club 2016

Who is ready for the third annual "My Father's Dragon" book club? I sure am! We started this book club two years ago (read the original blog post HERE) and continued last year. We had about 30 classes joining last year to share incredible learning from reading this book. Here are some examples of Tweets.

Pretty incredible, right? So here is how it works this year.

1. Get the book "My Father's Dragon"  **You can find a free e-book at Epic.
2. Sign up HERE.
3. Starting on Monday, March 7,  read one chapter a day.
4. Share students' thinking & voice via Twitter at #1bc16  (You can Tweet as a class or have individual students Tweet. It is up to you.)
5. Read other classes' Tweets to learn together.

There are some resources and ideas posted in my last year's post.

Also check out Jen Olson's fantastic packet HERE.

If you choose to read two other books in the series, here is the schedule.

Book 2 "Elmer and the Dragon" --- Monday, April 4
Book3 "The Dragons of Blueland" --- Monday, April 25

I'm looking forward to learning with you all!

2016 Participating Classes

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