Friday, January 29, 2016

Reading in Connected Classroom

I have been passionate about connecting my students with the world beyond the classroom walls. We connect with other classes from other states & Canada frequently. This month I have added two more exciting connections to our literacy time.

Reading Buddy via Google Hangout
Terry Stoufer (@firstatbat) and I started buddy reading stations. Twice a week our students read with their reading buddy to practice their reading. My students look forward to connecting with their friends in Florida. They practice reading so that they can read well when they connect. It is so much fun to see our students enjoying reading. Since Terry's students are older than mine, they are also serving as mentors to my students. When my students get stuck on words, they hold up their book to the camera and ask, "what does this say?" It is precious to see students working together even via Google Hangout:)

Padlet Epic Book Discussions
One day a conversation on Twitter sparked Terry Stoufer, Sara Malchow (@smalchow) and I to start the Padlet collaboration using books from Epic! site. I chose some books for the month of January for students to read and share what they thought about the books on the Padlet.
Here is one of the Padlet walls. My students enjoyed reading what the students from other classes thought about the book. Some were excited to know others had the same thoughts as them:)

I am so thankful to have great teachers in my PLN who are willing to connect their students with the world as well. If you are looking for ways to connect your class, please check out Book Club Bingo post