Friday, March 20, 2015

Using Kahoot! to Collect Data

Teachers that I meet through Twitter PLN #1stchat continue to inspire me to try something new in my classroom. A few weeks ago a group of first grade teachers connected their classes via Google Hangout and played Kahoot! together! I believe 7 classes were all on the hangout together. Good for them!
So... one of the most amazing #1stchat teachers, Michelle Flicek (@mrflicek1)and I cooked up some plans. We wanted to make this learning experience as student-centered and interactive as possible. Each class wrote three survey questions with four answer choices ahead of time. Michelle created a Kahoot for us. Right before we connected via Google Hangout, she shared the game pin with us so that my class can join the Kahoot.  During the Hangout, Michelle shared her computer screen with us so that we could see the question and answer choices.
After voting for each question, the results appear in a bar graph format. The students studied the graph for a while and came up a couple of questions to ask about the data. The examples of questions were "Which one had most/fewest votes?" "How many more ____ than ____?" "How many votes in all?" The students did a great job listening and answering the questions.

The activity was very engaging! The students were anxious to see the results. Some even cheered when their choice had the most votes:) I loved it since this was such an authentic way to practice data collecting and interpreting data!