Friday, March 20, 2015

"My Father's Dragon" Book Club 2015

Here is a schedule for the second year of "My Father's Dragon" Twitter book club! This year we are starting a little early so that we will have enough time to read all three books in My Father's Dragon series.

Book 1 "My Father's Dragon" starts on Wednesday, March 25. Read a chapter a day.
Book 2 "Elmer and the Dragon" starts on Monday, April 13. Read a chapter a day.
Book 3 "The Dragons of Blueland" starts on Wednesday, April 29. Read a chapter a day.

You do not have to read all three.  If you are new to this event and want to try just one book, that is perfectly fine. After reading each chapter, students or your class will tweet thoughts and learning at #1bc15.

Here are some examples of learning that were shared last year during the book club and last year's book club blog post.

  • prediction
  • visualization 
  • math connections
  • text-to-self connections
  • vocabulary words
  • favorite part of the story
Thanks to Mike Ross (@1stGradeRoss) for sharing some teaching resources on the first book.
This is a picture slide show that Shawn Reed (@swkreed) created. It has a lot of great visual images to go along with the first book.

Also here is a vocabulary bulletin board. Please add the words that you will focus while reading each chapter!

If you would like to join the book club, please click HERE to register!

Here are the classes that have signed up so far!

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