Sunday, December 14, 2014

Math Talks on Twitter

Last year a wonderful teacher in my PLN, Amanda Cavin and I started Twitter number talks using #1stnumbertalks. We posted a weekly open ended math question, and let the students post their ideas on Twitter. Every time we reviewed other students' responses, it led us to great discussions and learning.

Unfortunately for me (luckily for her students) Amanda has moved to a 5th grade position this year, but a great learning opportunity must go on! I renamed the hashtag from #1stnumbertalks to #mtgr1 (Math Talks Grade 1) because the old one was simply too long, and I knew that many Canadian students were joining the talks (no "first graders" in Canada, but "grade 1 students").

I have to say we are off to a great start! The questions that I have posted so far are the followings:

  • The answer is 8. What is the problem? Archives
  • The answer is 9 turkeys. What is the problem?
  • What math do you see in this image? Archives 
  • What math do you see in this image? Archives 
  • There are 10 presents. Each present has a red, yellow or blue bow. How many red, yellow and blue bows are there? Archives
When my students did the first image math talks (acorns & leaves one), they only focused on numbers and number sentences, such as 7 (acorns) + 4 (leaves) = 11 While it was not a wrong or bad answer, I wanted them to see beyond additions and subtractions. Then we saw tweets like the followings:

I knew my students' wheels were turning. The following week I used another image to talk math. It was great to see my students use what they learned the previous week and apply it to another image. Also read this tweet from ShLoe Maurer.

Wow! How powerful is that? I love it when I see students transfering their learning to the real world!!
Are you or your students on Twitter? Join us with #mtgr1, great learning opportunity!