Sunday, May 4, 2014

"My Father's Dragon" Book Club #2

WOW! The book club was a huge success! I never imagined this book club would bring this much learning, sharing and excitement!! Power of collaboration is a great thing... I have been reading this chapter book to my first graders for years, but I have to say I had never had this much fun before:)

Thanks to Tim Kagei for creating a map of participating classes.  Here is a list of participants.
 Each day we read a chapter and shared out what we thought about. Check out all the learning that happened in two weeks.

Making predictions

 Character analysis

Making personal connections

Map skills


Retelling story
Favorite parts of story
Our class also met with Ms. Lirenman's class via Skype to discuss favorite part of the book.
Math connections

WOW (again...) there are so many more great tweets. I just couldn't list them all!! Thank you to all the participants for making this book club such a successful learning opportunity. I can't wait to do this again next year! (#1bc15)

 ***Some of us are reading the second book in Elmer series called "Elmer and the Dragon" now:)