Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Interactive Community Mural with Augmented Reality

During our social studies "Me on a Map" unit, we had a discussion on community. We listed things we have in our community. The students came to a conclusion that they wanted to live in a community that is safe, clean and fun. They also wanted places where they can buy things and learn new things.
I divided the class into five groups. They worked together to come up with things that they want in a community that they are going to create. Here is a list of things they came up with. 

Then they got busy making buildings and places for the community mural.

I wanted to make this mural more interactive, so we added augmented reality using the Aurasma app. Each student recorded themselves talking about why they wanted certain place/thing in their community. They used their drawing as a trigger image. If you have Aurasma on your device, tap to view my Aura.

If you do not have the app, this is one of the auras you would see.

My students were so proud to make this mural together. They also had a great time taking a AR tour of their community!