Sunday, February 2, 2014

Geometry Unit Menu & Collaboration Part 1

I have met so many wonderful educators on Twitter. Amanda Cavin (@CavinAmandacav) approached me with some collaboration ideas for the upcoming geometry unit in math. Amanda's first graders and my class collaborated on the Global Read Aloud project, so my answer was YES! Amanda and I created a Google Doc planning page and started brainstorming. We decided to do a mystery shape Skype session as one of the daily activities. Karen Lirenman (@KLirenman) and my class enjoyed the mystery shape sessions last year. I knew that this year's students will have fun with Amanda's class.

Amanda also shared her shape unit menu. She had a list of activities for students to choose from. I LOVED that idea! So here is what I created for my class. The students chose one or two activities from each standard and had about a week to work on the tasks. They posted the projects on their blog to share. What was great about the menu was that the students had choices. Some students watched other students do a task and got motivated to try it. My classroom was filled with buzz of students talking about shapes and helped each other use the apps also. 
Here are some students' work.

Shape Hunt

Mystery Shape Skype

We learned a new shape, triangular prism from Mrs. Cavin's class!

Shape Riddle
This was our first time using the app called Tiny Tap. This app allows students to make multiple choice games.  Since games created are saved on each devise, I made QR codes for each game. Other students enjoyed scanning the codes to download the games created by their friends and play them.

Here is a planning page for this project.

Build a Tower

Here is a planning page for this project.

Pattern Block Art
Click on the image to play the clip.

Here is a planning page for this project.

Constructing a Shape

Amanda and I are planning on having a "I have... Who has...?" shape game on Twitter soon. I will let you know how it goes!