Thursday, February 6, 2014

Aurasma Number Puzzle

Back in November I saw these tweets.
Click HERE to view the YouTube.

Brad's comment gave me an idea for my number puzzle project.  I wanted my students to be able to put the number cards in order as they appear on a 100 chart, such as shown below. However, the white square cards were not distinctive enough to be a trigger image. It was triggering an overlay even if the numbers were not in the right place.

So we used different shapes and colors. Do you have the Aurasma app? Tap to view my Aura.

The students used the overlay from the library.

After creating the puzzles, the students tried out each others' puzzle. It worked great! Only when they put the numbers in the right places, it triggered the overlay.

I like using Aurasma app since my first graders can create the Auras all on their own on the iPads.  They can create station work for each other independently.

A few more ideas for using the shape puzzle cards.

  • Building math facts; for example, my students are practicing making 10 right now. They can put the right number combinations for trigger images.
  • Building a word; students can practice spelling sight words or spelling words.
  • Building a sentence; they can rearrange word cards to build a sentence.
Do you have any good ideas?