Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reviewing Expectations

I read this post by Kendra Limback (@KendraLimback) last week. I was so glad to read about how she had her students review the school expectations to start the new year.  I totally agreed with Kendra and saw the benefit of taking time to review expectations!

Our school was cancelled yesterday because of cold temperature, and we had a two-hour late start today. By the time we settled in to start the day today I knew we HAD to take some time to remember some rules and expectations.  The areas of focus were:

Work time
Lunch time
Line basics
Floor (meeting) time

The students wrote down what we should remember and discussed how they would show it in the picture.  They used the app PicCollage to create a poster.

As we went on the day, each group shared their poster to remind us of the expectations.  I have printed out the posters to display around the room so that we can refer back when needed. 

The students were engaged throughout the activity. I was pleased to see everyone being able to take ownership and teach each other school expectations. Thanks to Kendra for sharing this awesome idea!