Saturday, November 9, 2013

Augmented Reality

I have been wanting to use augmented reality in my classroom quite some time, and we finally did it! I have to say that I am pretty excited, and so are my students.  We used an app called Aurasma for this project.
We have been studying about plants last few weeks.  Last week we learned about the importance of plants.  First we watched a short clip that explained some of the ways people and animals use plants.  As the students watched the clip, they partnered up and recorded the ideas on the Padlet board.  (We used a QR code for an easy access to the Padlet.)  We also read a few books to learn more about why plants are important to us.

After collecting information, the students worked with the same partner to draw a picture, which became a trigger image for the Aura.  Then the students recorded themselves explaining why plants are important to us.  We could have made a video within the app Aurasma, but since this was our first time video recording ourselves, we decided to use the camera app.

Here are some trigger images.  If you have the app, tap to view my Aura.

If you don't have the app, this is one of the overlay videos that you would see on your devise.

The students enjoyed learning from each other's Auras.  What I liked about using augmented reality was how easy it was for my first graders to share their learning.  At this point, it is so much easier for them to talk than write down sentences.  It also allows us to add a bit of personal touch.  For example my students used their own drawing as a trigger image.  I like the app Aurasma since we can create all on an iPad.

One question you may ask... augmented reality or QR code?
Here are my thoughts:

Augmented Reality

  • more personalized
  • easy to share video clips
  • first graders can create the whole project
  • need the app and join channel to view
  • need to keep a devise over a trigger image (could be challenging with first graders at times:) **You can double tap on the video once launched then it will stay on even if you walk away. 
QR code

  • scan and go! No need to stay at the code.
  • any app would work
  • easy to share the codes
  • more steps to create (especially video clips)           

My answer is... it depends on the activities! I can see us using both augmented reality and QR codes in our classroom in the future!  If you have some great ideas, please share them with me!