Sunday, May 5, 2013

Record Learning & Stay Connected with Today's Meet

Record Learning!

I absolutely love my Twitter #1stchat PLN friends. They introduced me to Today's Meet a few weeks ago.  I have used Padlet and Lino to record their schema and wonders before, and they worked great.  The first idea to incorporate Today's Meet to my lesson was to do the same.  So I decided to give it a try.

We started an animal unit in science.  My students are expected to research and write reports on various animals.  This week I modeled how the research process goes.  The research subject was camels!

Another exciting thing that I learned this year form #1stchat PLN is an inquiry approach.  So I first had my students record their schema and wonders on camels.  Since my students are used to recording their thoughts on Padlet, I posted the QR codes for a schema and wonder page on the wall in the morning.  The students were asked to record what they know and want to know about camels during the Daily 5 or math free choice time.

I was impressed with how efficiently my students recorded their thoughts. When we started our science time, all the recording was done! I remember not liking filling out a KWL chart because it took a long time going through students one by one, and it was a lot of just sitting and listening for young students.

After this process, we read books and watched short video clips on camels.  Then my students recorded what they learned on Today's Meet.  

 We kept revisiting the Padlet walls and Today's Meet when we filled out a web to organize our learning.  I felt that it was easier for us to read what they wrote on Today's Meet. 

Stay Connected!
On Friday, I had to be away from my classroom.  When I work on a sub plan, I try to make things as simple yet meaningful as possible.  I decided to show a DVD on animal adaptations and have them record their learning on Today's Meet.  I left the QR code for an easy access to the Meet.  I had to smile when I read what they said while I was away.  I could just see my students talking with partners and typing their learning.

I felt pretty connected with my class even though I was not in my classroom:)  Now, I could have joined their conversation if I could join them real time, right?  We will revisit their learning on Monday to discuss more about animal adaptations.

Your Ideas?
So far I have only tried using Today's Meet with my class.  I know it's possible to collaborate with another class on Today's Meet.  That would be fantastic!  Do you have a good idea for collaboration?  We will be learning a lot about animals.  If your class want to post wonders of a certain animal, my students could try answering questions.  Leve me a comment if you are interested meeting us on Today's Meet!