Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Publishing Animal Research

Our animal inquiry unit has been bringing a lot of wondering, reading, researching on iPad, talking, discussing, writing and more talking in my classroom!

After going through an inquiry process as a whole group once, I let my students go!! They have been mostly working in a small group or in a pair to research.

This week we are onto the third animal of their choice!  This time, I asked them to publish what they researched on the iPad.  

First, the students searched the images to use in their book on Google.  I showed them how to do advanced search to find the images that are categorized as "free to use share or modify." They saved the images in the photo album on their iPads.  

They used Skitch app to label the body parts.

I suggested two apps for creating book pages. 

Pic Collage --- The pages have more traditional book look. The students enjoyed changing the background. 

Haiku Deck --- This was our first time using this app.  I love it! You can actually search images within the app. I think the pages look stunning! 

After completing all the pages, they saved the pages to the photo album/camera roll (They took a screen shot of Haiku Deck pages). uploaded them to 30hands app to record their voices.



They all posted the book on their blog.  We had a little viewing session and learned from each other.

Here is a link to our class blog.