Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fractions Web on Popplet

I have to confess that fractions are not my favorite math concept to teach to first graders. To get myself excited about fractions, I had to bring in... FOOD!!  After my students explored equal parts with play dough, paper shapes, and white board drawing, I decided that they were ready for real sharing!

The students were to show me whole, half and quarter or fourth of the food items.  We had:

  • sliced cheese
  • cheese sticks
  • cookies
  • vanilla wafers                                 ** They used frosting to "cut" the cookies and wafers.

The students worked with a partner.  They had a choice of app to record their learning.  

Today, they ALL chose Popplet.  (They never all choose the same app!!)

One challenge that some students encountered was to cut a wafer into 4 equal parts.  Some struggle to know how many times they need to cut to get 4 pieces. They worked together and eventually figured it out:)