Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sharing Learning

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want my students to do with all the learning that they do every day.  Ever since we received 10 iPads in my classroom last fall, I have noticed a huge shift in one area of my teaching. I have realized that iPads can help my students' learning and thinking be more visible to EVERYONE.  Now EVERY student is showing their learning and sharing with parents and family at real time.  Not just with me, and not just those students who are willing to share.

So... why not have them share more of their learning? Here is what I am envisioning:

  • students talking about their learning with their peers
  • students taking ownership for their learning
  • students creating presentations to show their learning
  • students sharing their learning with the WORLD
How can we accomplish this?  I have decided to start small.  I am taking 30-40 minutes of a day twice a week for this sharing session.  Since I only have 10 iPads,  I will have half of the class work on creating sharing on one day, and the other half on next day.  I will give my students free choice of topic (math, science, social studies, literacy, etc.) and choice of app.

Today was my first day of sharing day.  I am happy with what I saw today.  My students didn't have any trouble picking a topic (phew! That means they are filled with learning, right?).  Here are some topics that they chose:
  1. Dillen chose to share what he wrote in his reading journal yesterday.  He made a "text-to-self" connection after listening to "Franklin and the Tooth Fairy"  He used a Tellagami app.

     2.  Ava and Madison worked together to explain the water cycle using Educreations. 
          They recorded a water cycle song. Love it!

    3.  Fran decided to make a web about air.  She used an app called Popplet.

What a great time we had!  I am very proud of my first graders!  
I just want a clever name for this sharing session, though... Do you have any good ideas?  I would appreciate it if you could leave an idea!