Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kidblog Avatar

I wanted to set up my students' avatar for their Kidblog account.  Since I love my first graders' art work, I decided to let them design their own avatar.  I gave my students choices of either drawing their avatar on iPad or on paper.

Those who chose to draw on iPad used the Doodle Buddy app.  They saved their work on the album.

 The students who drew a picture on paper took a picture of their work with the iPad so that their picture was saved on the album.

I showed them how to get into their profile on Kidblog to upload their avatar.

Now... this is where I encountered a problem.  Once they uploaded the avatar, they needed to crop their picture or adjust a cropping frame by clicking on little squares on a crop box.  HOWEVER, it did not work on iPad!!!  There was no way to click and drag the box...  When I was trying this out ahead of time, I was using my laptop so I was able to crop the avatar.

I had to think quick!  They ended up putting their avatar in a Dropbox file to send it to my laptop.  Then the students came to my laptop one by one to upload and crop their avatar.

It took longer than I planned, but I was impressed with how flexible my students were and able to upload their work on my Dropbox when things didn't go as I planned.  Now our Kidblog page look so much better!

By the way, I contacted Kidblog via Twitter regarding this problem.  LOVE Twitter!