Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sharing with the Box app

Thanks to Matt Gomez and Andrew Fenstmaker for their posts about Martin's Big Words activity on Skitch (click on their names to go to their original post).  My students tried the same activity and did a wonderful job.

Right away I wanted to tell my students to take a screenshot of their work and post it on their Kidblog page.  Then... I had to STOP!!!  Since I use my students' real name on their blog, I did not want them to post their photo.  I could have made a book like Andrew did with his students' work, but I am not familiar with that app... so this time I used an easy solution.  A few months ago I set up an account at and created a folder for each student.  I invited the parents to be my collaborator so whenever we upload a new document or video, they will be notified and be able to download them.  It basically works just like Dropbox.  I use the Dropbox for my school files so I did not want to mix with my students' files.  Box app works just great.  Each iPad has the app, and my students know how to upload their work into their files.  I also like the fact that I can view updates and know if all the parents had viewed the students' work.