Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kidblog as Digital Portfolio

Last year, my students blogged during the Daily 5.  It was one of the choices that they had for Work on Writing.  This year since we started using iPads in my classroom, I have started using blog as a digital portfolio as well.  There are many creation apps that are simple to use, create and also share.  Many apps have sharing options including an embed code.  My students also take screenshots of their creation and insert it onto their blog.  I like the fact we can share their learning right away with their parents.  They don't have to wait until Friday to see what comes home in a folder.

This week as we continue investigating matter, my students made a lesson on solids using Educreations and post it on their blog.

In writing, they wrote a nonfiction piece called "Snowman at Night" focusing on word choice.  Many students chose to record their story using Audioboo then post it on their blog.

They also enjoy just writing during Daily 5.  Since we Face Timed with one of the students' mom who is visiting India, some students decided to blog about what they learned.

It is very exciting to see first graders getting so excited about sharing their learning.  At the end of first grade, their blog will be filled with their learning and thinking!