Monday, January 28, 2013

100th Day Math QR Code Scavenger Hunt

I have always been wanting to use QR codes activity in my classroom, so I was very excited when I read this post by Andrew Fenstermaker.  He even put all I needed for this activity on Teachers Pay Teachers!!  However, when I started checking out the questions that he had for this activity, I realized that I needed to change the questions to fit my own curriculum.  Well, thanks to Andrew's great instructions, I was able to create my very own QR code hunt.  There are 29 questions on this activity.  I have talked my team into doing this hunt together.  Our 100th day will be next Monday (if we don't have any cancellation).  80 first graders will be hunting for QR code and working on math problems to reveal a secret message:)

Questions #1-5      Skip counting
Questions #6-10    Time to the hour & half hour
Questions #11-14  Numbers
Questions #15-16  Odd or even
Questions #17-20  True or false equation
Questions #21-24  Equation missing number
Questions #25-28  Coins
Question #29         Fact family

Or click here to get a scavenger hunt set.